Viewing Items

Once you have searched for the items that interest you, click the item title in the Link column to go to the detailed information page for that particular item. From the detail page, you can view the item or bookmark it for later.

The button to view the item indicates if you have viewed the item before or not. Items that you have not previously viewed will have a View item button with a gray eye, while items you have previously launched will have a button labeled View again with a colored eye. In either case, clicking the button will launch the item.

Launching an item you have never launched will automatically change the status of that item to viewed. Once you have viewed an item, the status cannot be changed back to an unviewed state. The portal does not keep track of how much time you spent looking at an item or if you completed it. It simply maintains a record of if you launched the item or not.

To keep track of items that are in progress, please see the help topic regarding Bookmarks.