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Topical Cluster I: Transition of Power from Morsi to el-Sisi

El-Sisi’s Rise to Power (ILR level 2)

The People Demand Morsi’s Ouster (ILR level 2+)

The Debate Surrounding Morsi’s Removal from the Presidency (ILR level 3)

Topical Cluster II: Leadership and Power Struggles during el-Sisi’s Presidency

The Expansion of the Military’s Role in Egypt (ILR level 2)

Militarizing the Judiciary through a New Law (ILR level 2+)

The Role of the Parliament (ILR level 3)


Thematic Unit: Egypt's Leadership and Power Struggles


This thematic unit contains seven texts on the topics of leadership and power struggles in Egypt. After an introductory text, the unit is divided into two topical clusters of three texts each. You may complete the topical clusters in whichever order you choose. The texts in this thematic unit range in difficulty from ILR level 2 to ILR level 3.

Introductory Text

Morsi Ousted by the Egyptian Army (ILR level 2)