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The NFLC Learning Portal is available on a subscription basis for $5.00 per month. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the resources on this site, the ability to bookmark items for later use, and configurable alerts to let you know that new items have been added to the system that fit your areas of interest. Subscription are payable by credit card and renew automatically until you cancel. There is no minimum subscription length, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Individuals can gain immediate access to everything in the system by creating a subscription. A valid credit card is required.
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The NFLC Learning Portal is available to groups at a discounted rate. Groups subscriptions require a minimum of 10 users, and the cost per user decreases for larger groups.

Users Cost per user per month
10-49 $3.00
50-99 $2.75
100-199 $2.50
200-399 $2.25
400 or more $2.00

Group subscriptions monthly charges are based on the total number of seats in your group. As you consider how many seats your organization needs, remember that the total number of users that you can register within your group is capped by the number of seats you pay for. You can rotate users in and out of your group at any time, up to the maximum number of users within your subscription, but removing a user will remove their history, bookmarks, and saved searches from the system.

Group subscriptions include a free management account, which gives the manager full access to site content without using up one of the group licenses. The group manager is the primary contact for the group and has the ability to add and delete users from the group, reset user passwords, and view payment history for the group.

Additional features for groups of 100 or more include a custom report showing when users of the group last logged in and an optional logo on the site.

If you're interested in purchasing a subscription for your group or institution, fill out the form below and we will build a custom package that fits your specific needs.

This will be the name used to identify your group throughout the system.
Please enter the maximum number of users (multiples of 10) you wish to have in your group.
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