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Expanding Agricultural Production Tajik 1+/2 Listening Economics/Politics
Establishment and Cultivation of an Orchard in Isfara... Tajik 1+/2 Listening Science/Technology
Tajik President's Response to Violence in Khorugh Tajik 1+/2 Listening Defense/Security
Inspection of Regional Agricultural and Water Issues Tajik 1+/2 Listening Economics/Politics
A Children's Singing Contest in Tajikistan Tajik 1+/2 Listening Culture/Society
Creation of a Local Meat Market Tajik 1+/2 Listening Culture/Society
Summer Camp for Schoolchildren in a Tajik Village Tajik 1+/2 Listening Culture/Society
Observations on the National Military Service Tigrinya 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
Achieving Food Security in Eritrea Tigrinya 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
Eritrea's Strategic Relationship with Russia Tigrinya 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics