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Cholera and Its Spread Afaan Oromo 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Establishment and Cultivation of an Orchard in Isfara... Tajik 1+/2 Listening Science/Technology
The Origins of Fingerprint Identification Ukrainian 1+/2 Listening Science/Technology
Concerns of Iranian Health Ministry Persian 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology
The Symptoms of Bird Flu Persian 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology
The Most Important Scientific Developments in 2005 Persian 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology
Classified 2 (Needed and Available) Persian 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Women and Divorce in Iran Today Persian 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Farsi: The Flair for Language Persian 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Violent Theocracy Persian 3+/4 Reading Science/Technology