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Pakistan Improves Security at Its Embassies Pashto 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
Afghan Security: Factors in the Possible Withdrawal of the... Pashto 0+/1 Reading Defense/Security
The Effect of Heredity and of Environment on the... Pashto 0+/1 Reading Economics/Politics
New Information About the Functioning of the Brain Pashto 0+/1 Reading Defense/Security
Mr. Norris' Inventions Pashto 0+/1 Reading Economics/Politics
Mother's Milk Pashto 0+/1 Reading Science/Technology
Japanese Election Pashto 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
The Iranian Climate and Seasons Persian 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
Agriculture in Iran: Historical Context Persian 0+/1 Reading Science/Technology
Arrests of News Reporters Continue in Iran Persian 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society