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Water Shortage Is Causing Additional Problems in Africa Amharic 1+/2 Reading Ecology/Geography
Bush: India and Pakistan Amharic 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
German Trade in Ethiopia Amharic 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
Female Rights Amharic 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
World Water Conference Amharic 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
African Topics Amharic 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
The First Female African President Amharic 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
Kezihem Keziam: News Magazine Amharic 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Press Freedom in Ethiopia Amharic 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Interview of Yeneneh Tsfaye, Ethiopian Author and Film Maker Amharic 2+/3 Listening Defense/Security