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Link to content Language Level Modalitysort descending Topic
Money Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
Animal Instinct Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Culture Notes- The Gifts Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
Juan Living in Another Country Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
Different Feasts Celebration Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
Capital for the Masses Tagalog 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
Filipinos Are Unique Tagalog 1+/2 Reading Ecology/Geography
Center for Women: Local Merit Tagalog 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Tourism Attraction: Medical Services Tagalog 2+/3 Reading Science/Technology
Flare Up: Jancom Incinerator Saved by the Supreme Court Tagalog 2+/3 Reading Ecology/Geography