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Quick Divorces in France French 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Eastern Dance French 3+/4 Listening Culture/Society
Labor Discrimination in France French 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Hicham's Successful Career French 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
The Ben Barka Affair French 3+/4 Listening Culture/Society
For the Love of Two Languages French 3+/4 Listening Culture/Society
Interview With Eric Goemaere of Doctors Without Borders French 2+/3 Listening Science/Technology
Ben Cheikh, Algerian Researcher in Islamic Sciences French 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology
Sickle Cell Anemia in Africa French 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology
Interview on AIDS With Dr. Banara Samb French 3+/4 Listening Science/Technology