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The Pashtun Nation and Terrorism Pashto 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
Germany and Afghan Identity Pashto 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Letter to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Pashto 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
Considering the War on Terror Pashto 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
Peace and Reform in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan Pashto 2+/3 Listening Defense/Security
Women and Education in Pakistan Pashto 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
NATO and Afghanistan Pashto 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
An Interview With an Afghan Author Pashto 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Hamid Karzai's Presidency Pashto 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
Problems Facing Karzai's Current Government Pashto 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics