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Birds' Migration Kurdish, Sorani 0+/1 Reading Ecology/Geography
Geography of the City of Mahabad Kurdish, Sorani 0+/1 Reading Ecology/Geography
Landing on the Moon Kurdish, Sorani 0+/1 Reading Science/Technology
The "To Your Health" Medical Center Chechen 0+/1 Reading Science/Technology
Your Sons, Chechnya Chechen 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
Decoration of Houses Chechen 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
Seasons and Climate in Afghanistan Pashto 0+/1 Reading Science/Technology
Ahmad's Room Pashto 0+/1 Reading Economics/Politics
Ahmad Writes Pashto 0+/1 Reading Culture/Society
The Nature of Our Beloved Country, Afghanistan Pashto 0+/1 Reading Economics/Politics