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Link to content Language Level Modality Topic
Muhammad Aqa, the Youngest Afghan Leader Kurdish, Sorani 1+/2 Reading Defense/Security
Kurdish Children Abroad and Kurdish Language Kurdish, Sorani 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
The Location and the Border of Iraqi Kurdistan Region Kurdish, Sorani 1+/2 Reading Ecology/Geography
Arms Possession Increases in Europe Spanish 1+/2 Reading Defense/Security
Stay Healthy Urdu 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Ornaments for Land Urdu 1+/2 Reading Ecology/Geography
Heat and Light Urdu 1+/2 Reading Science/Technology
Even This Formality Was Unnecessary! Urdu 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
It Is Not Easy to Fight the Battle for Compensation Urdu 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
The Real Home Urdu 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society