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Agricultural News Siraiki 1+/2 Listening Economics/Politics
Energy Deals With Europe Ukrainian 1+/2 Listening Economics/Politics
Ukrainian Tourism to Greece Ukrainian 1+/2 Listening Culture/Society
The Origins of Fingerprint Identification Ukrainian 1+/2 Listening Science/Technology
Sustainable Agriculture Helps Small Producers Portuguese, Brazilian 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
The Life of Sister Dulce Portuguese, Brazilian 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
Sugar Cane Production and Bioenergy Portuguese, Brazilian 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics
The Benefits of Mate Portuguese, Brazilian 1+/2 Reading Medicine/Health
Tragedy at Gararirimo's Homestead Shona 1+/2 Reading Culture/Society
Minister Chinamasa Speaks on Issues Shona 1+/2 Reading Economics/Politics