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Iran's Nuclear Issue and the Russian Plan Persian 3+/4 Listening Defense/Security
Economic Sanctions and Their Consequences Persian 3+/4 Listening Defense/Security
An Interview With the Representative of the Iranian Jews in... Persian 3+/4 Listening Defense/Security
Sean McCormack's Interview With Radio Farda Persian 3+/4 Listening Economics/Politics
Ali Larijani Gives a Lesson in Politics Persian 3+/4 Listening Economics/Politics
Budget Deficit of the IRI Persian 3+/4 Listening Economics/Politics
Bakhtiari Tribe Persian 3+/4 Reading Culture/Society
People's Vote Persian 3+/4 Reading Culture/Society
Minister of Information: Speech Discusses Major Issues... Persian 3+/4 Reading Culture/Society
Analyzing the Origins of Foreign Vocabulary Persian 3+/4 Reading Ecology/Geography