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The Resurgence of the Taliban Pashto 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
Reconciliation With the Taliban Pashto 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
Swat and Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan Pashto 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
The iPad and Taiwan Chinese, Southern Min 2+/3 Reading Science/Technology
Wind Energy in Denmark Danish 2+/3 Reading Science/Technology
Transportation Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa French, African 2+/3 Reading Science/Technology
News From Yorubaland Yoruba 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Women in Traditional Headscarves Bosnian 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Swiss Referendum Against Minaret Building Bosnian 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Bosnian School Textbooks Bosnian 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society