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Is G8 a Nightmare or Benefit to the World? Swahili 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Drugs: We Can Help the Police Swahili 2+/3 Reading Defense/Security
Who Is Telling the Truth About the Start of the Union? Swahili 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
The Issue of Independent Candidates Must Be Resolved Swahili 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
Higher Energy Costs: Rethinking the Current System Swahili 2+/3 Reading Science/Technology
Corruption in Kenya Swahili 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Bird Flu in Nigeria Swahili 2+/3 Listening Defense/Security
The Swahili People and Culture of Buyenzi Swahili 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics
Sexual Activity Among Teenagers in Kenya Swahili 2+/3 Listening Culture/Society
Corruption Swahili 2+/3 Listening Economics/Politics