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A Meeting With Dr. Jan Muhammadov Balochi 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
The Baloch of Turkmenistan Balochi 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
Education in Awaran Balochi 2+/3 Reading Culture/Society
The Importance of Information Technology for Women Balochi 2+/3 Listening Science/Technology
Improving Infrastructure in Balochistan Balochi 2+/3 Listening Science/Technology
Suicide Is Forbidden in Islam Balochi 2+/3 Listening Defense/Security
New Scientific Developments: Destructive to Mankind Balochi 2+/3 Reading Ecology/Geography
Properties of Gwadar Are Very Expensive Balochi 2+/3 Reading Ecology/Geography
Ambassadors of 44 Countries Visit Gwadar Balochi 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics
Problem of Justice in Balochistan Balochi 2+/3 Reading Economics/Politics