Lesson Title: 

Time and Seasons, There Measurements

This text comes from the fourth grade textbook for Afghan children. It is a very simple text intended to teach children the units of time. For you it will provide the vocabulary of time and of numbers in Pashto. The activities move from asking you to orient yourself to the text overall to asking you to read for accuracy of detail.


  • Pashto


  • Science/Technology

ILR Level: 

  • 0+/1

ACTFL Proficiency: 

  • Intermediate-Mid, Intermediate-Low, Novice-High
  • This ACTFL rating is an approximation based on the ILR level


  • Reading

Learning Objective: 

  • Maintenance & Improvement

Subject Area: 

  • Language

Material Type: 

  • Learning Object

Publication Year: 




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