Courses are longer sequences of instruction around a specific topic. Most courses have several parts called Lessons or Modules. Modules are a collection of lessons that break up a course into logical sections. A Course may have one or more modules or may simply be a collection of lessons. Depending on how the Course was designed, the menu of available modules and lessons may be in an embedded menu system or in a portal menu system. The differences between an embedded menu and a portal menu are outlined below.

Courses with an embedded menu system

  • Bookmarks can only be added at the course level.
  • The viewed status is only captured at the course level.
  • Search parameters only describe the course as a whole. All lessons and/or modules in the course are described as completely as possible at the course level.

Courses with a portal menu system

  • Bookmarks can be added at the course, module, and lesson levels.
  • The viewed status is captured for each lesson. There is no viewed status at the module or course levels.
  • Courses, modules and lessons all have their own search parameters. This means you may be able to drill down to specific portions of a course that are of special interest to you using the Any option for Material Type.