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In 2019 the NFLC developed a hybrid app, Language Ladder, to make our materials available for mobile users. In the spirit of our mission of helping people understand each other and the world around them, and in light of the present crisis, we are now making the current version of Language Ladder available at no cost to everyone. Language Ladder displays a subset of the 15,000+ materials available on the portal; that is, over 6,000 lessons in 60 languages/dialects from Albanian to Zulu, and we will continue to add materials as we develop them. 

The Language Ladder app is now open to any user, without a login, at 

Like the portal, Language Ladder offers users the ability to filter by language, level, and lesson type; to save searches; and to mark items for later viewing. However, unlike the portal, Language Ladder users cannot tag objects with keywords or receive email notifications when new content meeting search criteria is added. Neither the portal nor Language Ladder is a learning management system; thus neither offers a way to assign materials, review student work, or track student performance. However, the installed version of Language Ladder (for iOS devices only) allows users to generate and email to their supervisor a PDF listing the lessons they have completed, the amount of time spent on each lesson, and the cumulative time spent working with materials on Language Ladder.
Please note that Language Ladder is in beta version and is only available for download to iOS devices (not Android). Installation is a bit different than when you install an app from the app store. The instructions are on the website. However, non-iOS users can access all the content from the website, whether they visit using a browser on their phone, tablet, or computer. Also please note that the download and time-on-task reporting features are only available for the installed version of the app; again, this is noted on the website. Portal subscriptions are still available if you wish. Individuals can gain immediate access to everything in the system by creating a subscription. A valid credit card is required.

We welcome your feedback at Please let us know if there are other ways the NFLC can support you and your mission in these challenging times.

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