Fundamentals of Translation

Fundamentals of Translation is a language-specific course that presents the fundamental principles of translation in a virtual, interactive learning environment. This rich-media, interactive resource is designed to help beginning and novice translators approach their work in a more knowledgeable and systematic manner, thereby improving their translation performance. The Fundamentals of Translation course includes the following modules:
Module I: Introduction to Fundamentals of TranslationThis module provides an overview of translation, including its purpose, key definitions within the field, and an introduction of the three-phase model of translation.

  • Lesson 1: Overview

Module II: Source Text Analysis
This module provides more detail, including how to identify the main characteristics of a text, understand its linguistic and extra-linguistic features, determine the translationʼs target audience, identify translation and research priorities, and conduct necessary research.

  • Lesson 1: Identifying Main Characteristics
  • Lesson 2: Developing a Thesis Statement
  • Lesson 3: Writing a General-Purpose Abstract
  • Lesson 4: Analyzing the Authorʼs Use of Language
  • Lesson 5: Comparing the Source Text and Target Text Audiences
  • Lesson 6: Setting Translation and Research Priorities
  • Practice for Module II: This lesson offers the opportunity to practice the various steps of source text analysis that were introduced within Module II.

Module III: Producing and Revising a Translated Text
This module introduces learners to translation methods and direct and indirect translation techniques as well as how to produce and revise translations. The learners are provided authentic source texts to allow a “hands-on” approach to using translation techniques.

  • Lesson 1: Translation Methods
  • Lesson 2 Part I: Introduction and Direct Translation Techniques Lesson 2 Part II: Indirect Translation Techniques
  • Lesson 2 Part III: Translation Techniques Exercises
  • Lesson 3: Revising a Translated Text
  • Practice for Module III: This lesson offers the opportunity to practice producing and revising translations with the use of authentic source texts.